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Wyoming Construction Materials

This new website captures WCM’s duality, showcasing their expanding ventures in construction materials and mining along with their long-standing heritage in hay farming and cattle ranching alongside. The site’s rugged design, inspired by the Wyoming, it reflects the strength and resilience of the ranch. My goal was to create a digital home that honors their rich history while embracing their future, connecting the community to both their legacy and their evolving contributions.

American Ready Mix

Completely revamped and modernized! This project was a fantastic opportunity to work with American Ready Mix, a leading ready mix concrete and delivery company in Northern Nevada. We overhauled their website, adding detailed content about their extensive product range to improve their SEO and Google rankings. The redesign not only enhanced the visual appeal, but also ensured a user-friendly experience. 

Old Lake Mill & Lumber

Old Lake Mill and Lumber stands as a beacon for sustainability, transforming city trees into treasures, and uniting woodworking enthusiasts in their passion. The website’s rustic design, with its earthy tones, mirrors the natural beauty of the wood it champions. My aim was to forge a connection between the mill’s unique story and the community it serves, creating a space where their shared passion for craftsmanship can flourish.

Lil Bloomies

Freshly redesigned!! This one is a personal project of mine. I wanted to get experience in building an eCommerce site, so I built one for the handmade children’s clothes that I used to make. It was only the second site I had ever designed, so frankly it was boring. After time spent learning my style and growing in skill level I wanted to tackle a redesign to show myself how far I’ve come!

Buckley's Flooring

I partnered with a longstanding local flooring business to craft a sleek, user-friendly website that not only showcases their years of experience but also establishes a modern brand identity, making them a top choice for all your flooring needs.

TH Equipment

Long and Dennis recently started a small equipment rental business. In order to keep up with demand and their competition they needed an online presence to reach more clients and to show the validity of their business. We created a professional and clean website to represent their company’s growing presence and to give future clients a way to explore the services and equipment they offer.

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