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Why Does it Matter?

3 Reasons Websites Still Work

1. Majority of your customers will visit your website or social media before ever contacting you. Challenges like unclear messaging, outdated design, and sluggish load times not only frustrate visitors, but leave a bad lasting impression.

2. Remember, not everyone is on social media. Do you want to knowingly exclude potential clients? Plus, the all dreaded Algorithms, you always control the narrative on your website.

3. Add on tools that stream line your work. Websites are up 24/7 and can help answer questions, collect information, or better yet, sell your products without you even needing to work.

More Important Than Ever

Did you know that a lack of an online presence decreases the likelihood of a customer visiting a business for 23% of possible clients. You can find out even more in this article.

I’m here to help you build a website that looks great and fulfills its purpose. When your website works well, your business does too.

What is Included?

My dedication to your success is at the heart of each service, ensuring your journey with me is both effective and cared for.

Custom Design​​

I create websites that are specially designed to suit your business, making sure it looks great and works just the way you need it to.

Built in SEO

This means your site is set up to be more visible on search engines like Google. This helps more potential customers find your business online.

Content and Copy

I will help you generate the words and images that tell your site’s visitors about your business and what you offer in a clear and engaging way.

Responsive Design

My designs will look good and work well on phones and tablets, making it easy for everyone to access and use it no matter what device they’re on.


I provide training on using WordPress and Elementor, empowering you to confidently manage and update your website with ease.

Care Member Perks

I can be the expert in your corner, dedicated to continuously maintaining and updating your website’s health and content, offering you additional perks and peace of mind.

Add-Ons to Suit Your Needs and Budget

Each of these add-ons help to increase the value of your newly designed site. A new website is a significant investment, I offer these features as optional extras, allowing businesses to select what fits within their budget.

SEO Boost

SEO is essentially rules that Google uses finds our websites and displays them to customers searching for related topics. For the SEO Boost add on I will research 3-5 pages of your site and how to heavily optimize them to rank for Google search results.


Images are worth a thousand words. If your website has a strong variety of quality images that are actually of your business and clients, then you can increase the trust a person holds for your establishment before ever even having a conversation with them.


A video can increase the time a person spends on your website by 80%. That is huge! Videos are one of the strongest forms of social proof you can have on your website. They are excellent at setting the tone and creating positive first impressions for long-term relationships.

My Website Design Workflow

Phase 1 Discovery

I take the time to understand your needs and preferences, ensuring that your website is not only easy to use and looks great, but also truly aligns with your goals.

Phase 2 Design

I’ll present you with a custom website design, crafted specifically for your needs, and then we’ll work together on revisions to ensure it’s exactly what you envisioned.

Phase 3 Development

I take the final design we’ve agreed upon and bring it to life by building out the website and adding all the content, transforming our collaborative vision into a fully functional and engaging online presence.

Phase 4 Launch

After thorough testing and review to ensure everything is perfect, your website goes live, marking the exciting moment when your brand’s digital presence is unveiled to the world.




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Frequently asked Questions

Nearly half of consumers (45%) are likely to visit a company’s physical location after finding a strong online presence on a local search page. Don’t just take my word for it read more from this article.

Your website serves as the core of your business’s digital presence. Every marketing tool and strategy you employ should direct back to your website, creating a central point that connects potential clients to all the resources and tools you use. Consider individuals who aren’t active on social media; should your marketing strategy inadvertently leave them out? By centering your efforts on your website, you ensure that no potential client is overlooked, making your business accessible to everyone, regardless of their digital habits.

You do! As part of the site launch I will transfer over all admin access to the client. I do offer maintenance packages though if you would like to keep my services on retainer.

Yes! I use WordPress with Elementor which has a nice visual interface. That way any of my clients can edit their websites with no coding knowledge necessary. 

It typically takes 1-3 months. This is dependent on a few factors like the number of design revisions, the type of website, and how quickly you respond to questions.